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SQInsight Hospitality Consulting is a management consulting firm serving the travel, hotel and cruise industry. We work closely with hotel and cruise line executives and their teams to improve organizational performance, guest service and profits. Our hospitality consultants specialize in hotel operations and strategy consulting, and we work with companies across all departments on a wide variety of projects relating to guest service, guest surveys, guest satisfaction and guests expectations. We provide unique industry experience and knowledge that complements specific business needs. Our staff work independently and effectively to produce sustainable growth by completing projects and initiatives that provide a lasting competitive advantage.

A testimony to our expertise in guest service, guest surveys, guest satisfaction as well as managing and measuring guest’s expectations is our many research articles on a variety of topics published by leading research institutions such as Cornell University.

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S.Q.B.I. is our online Guest Oponion & Competitive Benchmarking dashboard that analyze guest reviews from review-sites and social media sites.
S.Q.B.I. uses text analytics to leverage the most valuable and least used feedback source, written comments, from both online reviews and internal guest surveys.
Using S.Q.B.I. bridges the gap between departments such as Operations, PR and Marketing, and provides department Managers and Top-Executives with a decision-making tool and better insight to performance. S.Q.B.I. also allows Cruise Lines and Hotel companies to make apples-to-apples comparisons between internal and external feedback sources. Please click "More" to further discover what our online Guest Oponion & Competitive Benchmarking dashboard can do for your company. More

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